Our Story

"There has to be a better way!"  This has been my mantra ever since painting my first piece of furniture many years ago. Over the years paint has changed so much - it has actually gotten back to basics.  Water based, no VOC paints have finally made painting furniture less toxic and more enjoyable. I search out the best in class, most durable paints and products to help you attain professional results. Antica Modern has everything you need to make your project a success!


So now, a little about me...born in England, raised in NJ. I learned to be creative with what we had. My father is a contractor, my mother is an artist and teacher so a little of each rubbed off on me. Traveling the world opened my eyes, experiencing various cultures, art, history, textures, designs...oh, the world is filled with such beauty! Eventually settling down, having children made me extra health conscious - I did not want toxic products in our home. While the urge to create struck me hard, I waited and enjoyed my children. As they grew up there was more time to create and paint. Believe me, I made soooo many mistakes but I just kept at it and learned. I worked for a few years at a wonderful paint shop, honed my skills, started doing a lot of custom work. When I found Fusion Mineral Paint, it was a game changer (no more waxing!) so I decided to open Antica Modern, a place where you can make old things new . I will always search out and offer the best products to make your surroundings beautiful! We have classes and do custom work. Please stop in as we are always changing, growing, making beautiful things!